Monday, July 20, 2009

Are Greyhounds related to Kangaroos?!!!

Well, a few weeks ago (I know for a fact that it wasn't last week - as 
I am pretty sure that Jerry broke his toe a week ago on Friday - so he is on running rest!) ... the boys went for a
 little run in Steveston (at the softball diamond behind the Steveston Community Centre). It is a great park as it is fully enclosed and the fencing is super high! Although, my boys have difficulties with a 1.5' chain link 'fence' - too high for them to go over! and I have to lift up the chain so they can go under!! Before I go further into detail - I wanted to discuss the muzzles as the boys are great together but when running - they can get excited and because their skin is quite thin - what could be a play bite between the brothers could quickly cause some trouble. Plus, the boys don't care whether or not they have the muzzles on. It is too bad that muzzles are synonymous with dangerous dogs. 

On to the reason for today's post ... I am pretty darn sure that Wes' paperwork says that he is a greyhound .... He barks, he has a brother who is a greyhound (Jerry), he looks exactly like the form that is on the side of a greyhound bus ... I have included a few pictures of that day ... looks like a greyhound dog correct??

Well .... upon closer investigation .... 

we see ...

a kangaroo??  Reminder - Wes is always in blue ...

What is really cute about the story of kangaroo Wes looking backwards whilst running full speed is that he is checking to see where his little brother is. They love running together.

So, your thoughts? Dog or kangaroo?? .... I am waiting for the DNA test results to come back.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fuzz Update - Stop the Press - Jerry's losing his fuzz...

Hmm ... was walking the boys together this morning and saw a red 'patch' on my little boy Jerry coming through. It was exciting and sad at the same time. Wes' coat is just beautiful but I love Jerry's fuzzy coat as well. So I am torn....  

And then there is the 'obsessive, compulsive' part of me that wants the 'moult' done and over .... so we hung out at the park and got rid of a little extra fur. You may state: 'I thought greyhounds don't shed?' Well, to clear this up - pretty much all dogs shed .. it is just the fact that greyhounds do not have an undercoat which means they do not shed that much. But, I am trying to figure out why my boys have this puppy fur as they recently turned 2.

one day ... and I woke up Saturday morning to the sight of Wes huddled behind Jerry (protecting him from the fan of cool air!!). Awww, the brotherly love! Or, was Wes trying to use some of Jerry's heat because Jerry still has his fuzz? 
 (image to the right is of Wes' smooth backside)

Anyways, I love my boys no matter how they look! 

Next topic: discussion on how closely related greyhounds are to kangaroos .... Stay tuned!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dog 'black-bellies' .... aka Blackheads on the belly of a dog!

To start this post ... I have a dilemma? Do I gross folks out with images or gross folks out with text first and then show the images ... so there is a warning for folks to figure out if their stomach will be tough enough to handle it? 

I was re-reading all my greyhound books a few months ago as a refresher since I was adopting a new greyhound. It was back in September/October 2006 that I adopted Al-E (from the top of my head I can't remember exactly when) and thus it had been a few years since a good read of those  fabulous books! (Adopting the Racing Greyhound by Cynthia Branigan and Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies by Lee Livingood)

Anyways ... back to the point! I adopted Wes and ... wait ... oh, I will spare the pictures just yet. I was tempted to insert here but will leave folks in eager anticipation of what the heck I am talking about if they don't know already!! Wes had quite a bundle of blackheads on his little bare belly (meaning - little bare patch on his belly - he doesn't have a little belly!!). I remembered reading a section about this somewhere ... and also -- as my dear Mom taught me when I was younger (she is a nurse!)  - how to properly clear up blackheads!! Squirt!!  So, I took a picture and started! OK, I think it is now time to insert pictures!! Yay (some will say).

Pictures above I made the mistake of having Wes' head on the left (in the left picture taken May 18th) and his head on the right in the right picture (taken July 8th). Above pictures were just taken with my iPhone so up-close detail isn't there. Sorry ... This was over a timespan of just over a month and a half and me not being super-diligent of working on it in bits and pieces at a time.

Now, for Jerry's time in the limelight! Below left was taken June 15th and the image on the right was taken on July 8th. Sorry for the bad lighting / bad pictures ... but the images were not taken for any scientific purposes - just for me to gauge the difference. *smile*

Well, that's all for today's post. What to discuss for tomorrow?? .... We will see what the boys get up to and see if they can inspire me!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Uh-oh ... Wes is losing his fuzz ... almost all gone!

My big boy Wes was VERY fuzzy when I first brought him home. When his coat got wet it and  you looked close enough - you could see a little curl in it. Well, after almost 2 months now of him being with me, sadly, most of the fuzzy coat is gone and he has his 'red fawn' coat. Last night, hanging out with Jerry in the backyard I started giving his back a good rub and it seems as though he is starting to lose his soft, lighter coat now ... as I almost made a little mouse with the hair I brushed off.

Tomorrow ... hmm.... shall we talk 'black-tummies' ... or would that be 'tummy blackheads'?? This is one of those things I should have discussed at the BBQ I was at last week .... Just call me someone happy to discuss any topic.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What can / could be discussed

Hmmm, just thinking about potential topics .... down the road there could be discussions on health for various items like what types of flea control that greyhound savvy veterinarians are recommending, what to watch out for (e.g. times of the year when folks start playing with fireworks ... what we can do best to make our greys more comfortable when fireworks are going off).

But hey ... as this is my play blog ... let's put in a few fun pictures for folks to see! *smile*

One shot of the 'hammock' in my car so 2 dogs can be separated and spread out to get comfy ... Here's a shot of Joe so comfy he did not want to get out of the car! Another shot of my boys at the softball park going to a little jaunt to stretch out their legs. Al-E taking it easy on my bed as well as an image of her sleeping! I just love it when their tongues hang out!! 

Eye Boogers!!!

OK ... so, was at a BBQ the other night and the topic came up about 'eye boogers' ... Well, I asked what folks did with the dry, krusty bits that are in their dogs eyes. I started by volunteering what I do (and how I like to gross my brother out and actually make him retch!) .... by pulling out the krusty bit and the oozy bit seems to follow pretty easy. Then, where to put it?!! Well, my most efficient and clean method is to let my dog choose if they wish to take care of that! ... This grossed quite a few people at the dinner table out .... but laughter ensued ... and others started to volunteer their actions. (OK, high class dinner here! *smile* ... oh my stomach still aches from the amount of laughter that evening!!) Well, next offer up was the class act of after it is wiped out of one dinner guest dog's eyes .. that the very respectful gentleman shakes his hand feverishly and lets the 'goopy mess' land where it may!! Hmmm... shall we take a vote? ... 

The images in this post are from my last greyhound: Al-E. I miss her dearly as we pretty much spent all our time together. I am one of those lucky dog owners who gets to take their dog (well - now it is dogs!!) to work. How lucky am I?! 

So, to end this blog ... when taking pictures that will possibly mean the world to you at a later date ... make sure to check for eye boogers! ... or if you have a brother bugging you and you want him to leave you alone - you know what to do....