Thursday, September 3, 2009

Steveston Farmer's and Artisan's Market - Aug 30/09 ...

Just a quick note and I will write more but wanted to get information up that we had a booth at the Steveston Farmer's and Artisan's Market on August 30th and it was fabulous. Booth report sent in to Greyhound Pets, Inc I have included below. Also - today Mary Anne brought into the office the Richmond News for September 2nd. Check it out! Our booth featuring a picture of Catie and Patricia made it into the Photo Feature!

Overwhelming!! and we mean that in the most positive way! The Steveston Farmer's and Artisan's Market (Steveston/Richmond, BC) opened up their arms to Greyhound Pets and set us up with a booth and a fantastic location! They took care of us - above and beyond - providing a location with great shade, grass, away from the music stage and with a water source near by (and this was all their doing! - as we were just ecstatic to be given just a booth location at this busy market). The location allowed for us to spread out into a walkway when things got super busy - I even think there were quite a few times we were covering the area of 3 booths! It was 'the' place to be at the market -- I think pretty much all the Farmer's Market staff stopped to meet the pups. They are soo excited to have us and asked us to come back whenever we want to!

I brought along my twins - Wes and Jerry (adopted May / June - respectively this year) and Cilla and Terry showed up shortly thereafter with Aspen and Missy. Steve and Michelle rounded out the set-up crew with Koda and Karma. Not long after the market opened, Patricia and Dave started working the aisle greeting crew with Doozer and Kate. So, were were off to a great start with the 8 pups! Bill and Pat came by with Pharaoh and Jedi (formerly Porsche - adopted in early July). It didn't take long until Jedi was 'belly up' on one of the 5 beds showing the 'marketeers' exactly how a greyhound roaches. Karma was out showing off her pink pearl necklace and many of the elderly ladies were clearly envious. Wes and Jerry had a full day beforehand and were definitely giving folks a great example how a greyhound spends most of their day - catching up on most valuable sleep! Koda offered a fantastic demonstration of how greyhounds are not afraid of little condo life - and dozed in his portable kennel a few times throughout the day - out of the sunshine and in the cool. It was great to see Emmy (Bella Emeline adopted late February this year) stop by for a quick visit - greatly appreciated. Denzi brought along Dad - Jeff to be the representation of one of the 'big boys' along with Cilla and Terry's Aspen.

Many a great stories I can easily recall from folks stopping by the booth - from one couple who only thought there was one section of the market and when they left that section and noticed another - they were discussing adopting a greyhound. They did not have a clue that we were there and when they rounded the corner --- BAM!! --- there were 10 greyhounds (our number at that time). What a coincidence! 'When will you guys be here again?' was a common question asked by 'marketeers' stopping by. Folks are putting this down on their calendar and spreading the word that Greyhounds have made it to the Steveston Market and are FAB-U-LOUS!

All in all a great time was had - the booth was never empty of folks stopping by to pet the pups, ask questions or pick up information. At one point I lost count at over 14 folks either petting the dogs, asking questions or 'waiting in line' for a chance!

We are very much looking forward to next month's Steveston Farmer's and Artisan's Market.


PS - A special 'Thank You' to Jeff Bough for the image of the booth.