Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Long time ... no post ... Back on track!

Wow, does time pass so quickly! Wes is now 7 (turning 8 in June). His brother, Jerry, unfortunately is no longer with us (a post I will be putting together in the near timeframe). However, Wes has adopted Heff (aka Atastocita Hefty). Heff is a troublemaker like Jerry and makes us laugh all the time! A few years ago Wes dislocated a few toes...

All healed well and this week it is something we are not yet sure of. His front right foot is all swollen. Wes visits Dr. Smith today so we will find out.

Many interesting stories to tell. Wes lost part of his tail (amputation!! even a double amputation because he got at his stitches and there wasn't enough skin to close it up again... sigh...), Heff had a stroke (actually a fibrocartilagenous embolism (FCE)) last summer. I came home and he couldn't walk correctly. It was like he was drunk. This was pretty upsetting but today he is 95% of what he was beforehand.

Thus, many interesting stories to tell!! I will get you all back 'in the loop' if you weren't updated via Facebook.