Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ohh ... what will the neighbors think?!!!!

Well, exciting few weeks for Jerry ... and a little adventuresome for Wes ....

It all started with the broken toe ... It has been so long since my last blog and I didn't re-read what I have written so I can't remember if I mentioned it before. It sounds vaguely familiar but I could be wrong - as I am always talking about my boys to anyone who will sit down and want to listen.

OK, back to the story! ... We were out running (well, maybe just Wes and Jerry ... I stood around and supervised) and Jerry went running behind some trees so I began to walk over so I could get him in my sights again. I wasn't super concerned as this was a fully enclosed area with the fence being over 5' tall. When I found the boys, Jerry was stopped with his paw held up a little and he walked towards me with a little limp. I knew right away .... likely a broken toe. Sigh ... poor thing. We left and went home. Ice for my pup on his paw and it was very tender. Doing research I knew as it was not a weight bearing toe - that there wasn't much that could be done that would allow for it to heal faster ... other than to take it easy with him and NO RUNNING!! Short walks it was going to be for the next 4-6 weeks. Jerry was a real trooper at the Tisol meet and greet as he limped in spent most of the time lying down. Wes was there for support ... or was that Jerry was there to support Wes' head as a pillow?!!

Anyways ... back to the 'Jerry - happenings' ... so, Jerry is taking it easy and 3 weeks ago he is lying down on the couch and had an elbow that is just huge!!! All puffy like a dough of bread that you can push it in like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Not tender to touch ... so I figure I will monitor and assess. The day goes on and that evening we go out for our nightly pee and poop. Nothing special just a walk around the area and along Scott Road as well. We get back into the house and the boys go over to the food area for some water. I notice a red blotch on the carpet infront of their bowl and I curse them for spilling their food on the carpet.

I turn around and notice more on another carpet ... and turn to my side and notice some red marks on the kitchen laminate floor. I swipe my finger through it and notice it is wet! Blood?!! Yikes! I stop Jerry pronto and begin checking him over. Drat ... a gash on the bottom of his back right paw that is about 1.5cm long and 3mm deep. Thank goodness for my dog emergency kit. Fully stocked with gauze, cleaning solution and my favorite - VET WRAP.
I think the person who invented VET WRAP should be given a special prize! The stuff is just unbelieveable! So, I clean and wrap his paw and we settle down for the night (after then noticing and cleaning up the 'red' path from the front door, up the stairs, into the kitchen...). Next day, early afternoon I take a peek at Jerry's paw because I am the obsessive-compulsive type and am just not too comfy with how it looks to heal on its' own. To the vet we go the next day ...

At the vet ... boy did I feel like a nincompoop!! Yes Dr., we are in so you can look at Jerry's back paw - as it has a large gash. Can you also check his front left elbow - it is really swollen. Oh, whilst looking at his front paws, can you check out his front right 'pointy' finger ... as I think he broke that about 4 weeks ago. Yeah, his one back left paw seems ok at this time! .... grimace. Really Dr., the dogs are with me all the time and I am super careful with them! Really!!

So, a few stitches to the back right paw, the Dr. took out 4cc's of a bloody fluid in the elbow (a hygroma - if I remember correctly - likely from banging his elbow somewhere) and an injection of a slow-acting 'something' (can't remember) and a 'yup, you did what I would have done with the fractured toe' ... and off we were on our merry way.
That was the Monday and on the Friday I was heading east to Osoyoos for a week's vacation. With the hot weather - the boys were staying in town ... Their first visit to a kennel. The boys did well ... (got rave reviews from the kennel folks') but came away with a few more injuries. Understandably I knew they wouldn't come back with a clean slate .... Jerry fared the worst with a 4cm scratch on his neck, scab on the back of his ear and top of his head. Tough guy Wes only had a scab under his chin. I had the leg bandaged whilst he was there and when we got home I had a look and was going to re-wrap. Still a little bit of oozing 'stuff' mixture of blood and fluid likely with him not staying off of his feet but also what I figured was due to needing lots of 'fresh air' to heal.
So off came the bandage and within a few hours I could already see the difference. Yes, the area is still tender 3 weeks later - but I am can see things 80% mended now. We are still careful and put on a 'bootie' with any 4x4ing walking action or if wet or gravelly surfaces. The boot makes it much more comfortable for him to walk with.

OK ... yes, a rambly one .. and now time to look what recent pictures I can put up to make this post a little more interesting .... This last one was tonight where Wes' decided to try Winston's bed ...

Adios for now,
the 3 Amigos.

(picture to right is Winston!)