Monday, July 20, 2009

Are Greyhounds related to Kangaroos?!!!

Well, a few weeks ago (I know for a fact that it wasn't last week - as 
I am pretty sure that Jerry broke his toe a week ago on Friday - so he is on running rest!) ... the boys went for a
 little run in Steveston (at the softball diamond behind the Steveston Community Centre). It is a great park as it is fully enclosed and the fencing is super high! Although, my boys have difficulties with a 1.5' chain link 'fence' - too high for them to go over! and I have to lift up the chain so they can go under!! Before I go further into detail - I wanted to discuss the muzzles as the boys are great together but when running - they can get excited and because their skin is quite thin - what could be a play bite between the brothers could quickly cause some trouble. Plus, the boys don't care whether or not they have the muzzles on. It is too bad that muzzles are synonymous with dangerous dogs. 

On to the reason for today's post ... I am pretty darn sure that Wes' paperwork says that he is a greyhound .... He barks, he has a brother who is a greyhound (Jerry), he looks exactly like the form that is on the side of a greyhound bus ... I have included a few pictures of that day ... looks like a greyhound dog correct??

Well .... upon closer investigation .... 

we see ...

a kangaroo??  Reminder - Wes is always in blue ...

What is really cute about the story of kangaroo Wes looking backwards whilst running full speed is that he is checking to see where his little brother is. They love running together.

So, your thoughts? Dog or kangaroo?? .... I am waiting for the DNA test results to come back.