Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fuzz Update - Stop the Press - Jerry's losing his fuzz...

Hmm ... was walking the boys together this morning and saw a red 'patch' on my little boy Jerry coming through. It was exciting and sad at the same time. Wes' coat is just beautiful but I love Jerry's fuzzy coat as well. So I am torn....  

And then there is the 'obsessive, compulsive' part of me that wants the 'moult' done and over .... so we hung out at the park and got rid of a little extra fur. You may state: 'I thought greyhounds don't shed?' Well, to clear this up - pretty much all dogs shed .. it is just the fact that greyhounds do not have an undercoat which means they do not shed that much. But, I am trying to figure out why my boys have this puppy fur as they recently turned 2.

one day ... and I woke up Saturday morning to the sight of Wes huddled behind Jerry (protecting him from the fan of cool air!!). Awww, the brotherly love! Or, was Wes trying to use some of Jerry's heat because Jerry still has his fuzz? 
 (image to the right is of Wes' smooth backside)

Anyways, I love my boys no matter how they look! 

Next topic: discussion on how closely related greyhounds are to kangaroos .... Stay tuned!