Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What can / could be discussed

Hmmm, just thinking about potential topics .... down the road there could be discussions on health for various items like what types of flea control that greyhound savvy veterinarians are recommending, what to watch out for (e.g. times of the year when folks start playing with fireworks ... what we can do best to make our greys more comfortable when fireworks are going off).

But hey ... as this is my play blog ... let's put in a few fun pictures for folks to see! *smile*

One shot of the 'hammock' in my car so 2 dogs can be separated and spread out to get comfy ... Here's a shot of Joe so comfy he did not want to get out of the car! Another shot of my boys at the softball park going to a little jaunt to stretch out their legs. Al-E taking it easy on my bed as well as an image of her sleeping! I just love it when their tongues hang out!!