Thursday, July 16, 2009

Uh-oh ... Wes is losing his fuzz ... almost all gone!

My big boy Wes was VERY fuzzy when I first brought him home. When his coat got wet it and  you looked close enough - you could see a little curl in it. Well, after almost 2 months now of him being with me, sadly, most of the fuzzy coat is gone and he has his 'red fawn' coat. Last night, hanging out with Jerry in the backyard I started giving his back a good rub and it seems as though he is starting to lose his soft, lighter coat now ... as I almost made a little mouse with the hair I brushed off.

Tomorrow ... hmm.... shall we talk 'black-tummies' ... or would that be 'tummy blackheads'?? This is one of those things I should have discussed at the BBQ I was at last week .... Just call me someone happy to discuss any topic.